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To reach one of our department heads you can e-mail them by clicking on their e-mail link below. If you are planning to attend the show and are looking for further information please call (321) 395-3110.

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Note! If you are a food, beverage or merchandise vendor please visit our Sponsor page and submit an inquiry with the indicated interest. We will forward your request to our exclusive food and beverage or merchandise concessioner. Any food, beverage or vendor inquires sent direct to any email above will not be responded to.

  1. Sam Raine says:

    I love the SOCOM jump team, but have you ever considered the US Air Force Academy Wings of Blue to jump on the beach? They have some incredible demonstrators and formations. Might be a great consideration for next year to change things up or add to the program!

  2. Loretta Brunetti says:

    Hello. I’m the event coordinator for Mission Tacos, inc. I sent an email food vendor inquiry on 1/20/19 to find out if you’re having food vendors at the air show. If so, please let me know how we can apply. Thank you!

  3. Ivan says:

    Is it the same exact show on Saturday and Sunday; or do both shows differ? Is one day dedicated to the sea show and the other for the air show?

    • FL Air Show says:

      Hi Ivan, yes, currently all aerial acts will perform on both Saturday and Sunday! The boats will be out in the water as we understand it, but not sure which days, as we only control the Air Show! πŸ™‚

    • FL Air Show says:

      Hey Beth, we don’t currently have any paid employment positions open for the show, however, please feel free to send your resume to info@air.show and we’d be happy to keep it on file should a position open up.

    • FL Air Show says:

      Typically we ask that volunteer be 18 and older, however 16 and up can volunteer alongside a parent or guardian.

  4. J Williams says:

    I submitted a request regarding sponsor information about a week ago, are you still accepting request, if so when will we hear back from someone.

    • FL Air Show says:

      Hey J, our sponsor coordinator will get back to you shortly – there might have been a short delay because of the holiday. I’ll let him know that you inquired again. Thanks!

      • J Williams says:

        Thanks hopefully I will hear from someone soon. As of today no one has gotten back to me on my inquiry about getting a booth for a non-profit.

        • FL Air Show says:

          Hey J, I just sent you over an email to get some more detail on what you are requesting and get some additional information. Thanks for reaching out.

  5. Kerry says:

    Will there be a photo pit or similar type of offering for those of us who want to photograph this show without obstruction or interruption? If not, where may I bring my tripod(s), camera(s), etc. ?



    • FL Air Show says:

      At this time, there will not be a photo pit for this particular show, but you can set up your tripod in the Dropzone Beach or VIP area, depending on what ticket level you purchase.

  6. Ben McCaul 561-504-9696 says:

    I have misplaced my drop zone beach tickets. How can I get them reissued. You have my payment and they were sent to my email.

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