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The Fort Lauderdale Air Show Team

To reach one of our department heads you can e-mail them by clicking on their e-mail link below. If you are planning to attend the show and are looking for further information please call (321) 395-3110.

Department Contacts


Kyle Smith
Sales & Marketing
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Kate Reed
Event Services
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Phillip Marro
Admissions & Ticketing
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Steve Webster
Flight Operations
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Chris Dirato
Public Relations
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    • FL Air Show says:

      We offer a universal discount to everyone that purchases their tickets in advance. Save 25% when you purchase by May 5th!

  1. Farnborough UK says:

    Hi, we can’t make the show this year but are looking to come to Florida in 2018 and would love to time it around the show. Is the airshow planned for 2018 and are there any dates yet?

  2. Plan B says:

    Is there any chance that you might be broadcasting (simulcasting) the commentary on a local radio station to accommodate all of the boaters anchored offshore? We loved being out there to watch but it would be so much more interesting to know what we are seeing.

  3. Gorman Richard says:

    Hey Folks, we are in the Flight Line Club for Saturday and wondering if you can tell us where exactly that will be? Nearest civic address or cross street would help us plan our stay. Looking to book something close by so we leave the car parked and walk to and from the show. We’ll be driving in from the Great White North so a stroll would so us good. Thanks.

    • FL Air Show says:

      Sunrise Blvd and A1A is the closest intersection. Best bet for a hotel stay will be the Sonesta located on that same intersection.

  4. Robert Sedita says:

    Where can I find the schedule times for the air show, just want to confirm, it starts at 11:00 to 1:00?

  5. Mark Denker says:

    What happened to the Air Force Thunderbirds? Did they cancel?

    ( I already have Flight Line Tickets)

  6. Michael Mann says:

    As a former resident of Ft Lauderdale I was beyond ecstatic to sign up for this event..I really enjoyed the staff got along greatly with everyone involved.I especially liked having the Security personel coming up to me the last day thanking me for showing them what needs to be done and how to handle different situations..Thank you for allowing me to come earlier then most volunteers and leaving when all was completed..Overall on Monday the general population around Lauderdale had a good experience and that for me to be a part of is what events all over is about..Thank you again and you may see me at other events in the near future..Love your show Thank You Knoxville Mike

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