Drop Zone Beach

Experienced spectators get away from the crowd and enjoy the Ford Lauderdale Air Show in the Drop Zone Beach at Show Center. Join them in the full experience of sight and sound at the ‘aerial 50 yard line’ and hear all the details of what you’re seeing with concert quality sound and a professional narration... View Article

Experienced spectators get away from the crowd and enjoy the Ford Lauderdale Air Show in the Drop Zone Beach at Show Center. Join them in the full experience of sight and sound at the ‘aerial 50 yard line’ and hear all the details of what you’re seeing with concert quality sound and a professional narration broadcast!

Advance Pricing of $29.50 for Adults and $13 for Children ages 6-12

Save 25% off the $40 day-of-event price!

The Drop Zone Beach features everything you need for a hassle-free and memorable viewing experience. Portable restrooms steps of-the-beach and reserved just for the use of ticket holders. Food & beverage including beer and wine are also available for purchase in the Drop Zone Beach so you never have to leave the action and miss out on the aviation spectacle going on in front of you. You receive a complimentary program guide so you can read about all the aircraft performing in the Ford Lauderdale Air Show.


  1. Andrew says:

    I would like to know if there is any refund policy for the Drop Zone Tickets, at least if I decide to cancel a few days in advance.

  2. Nicole says:

    Previously I asked about canopies vs beach umbrella for my family. The response I received said that there was no size restriction for the umbrella but that canopies were not allowed. Another person asked about the umbrella size allowed and was told no larger than 5ft in diameter. PLEASE clarify this. I do not want to show up with an umbrella too large and be turned away. Thank you

  3. Rasputin says:

    Understood on the umbrellas to bring your own; are we allowed to bring a 4-post square canopy? Not sure if there are view blockage issues to contend with, but that sun gets hot out there…. many thanks.

  4. Fun Crocker says:

    Good afternoon, looking into purchasing Drop Zone tickets. I know you have a limited capacity so can I ask if you still have tickets for about 6 adults and 4 children? Also,we understand you can purchase beer and wine, are these vendors located within the fenced in drop zone area? Lastly, what is the earliest we can arrive to the drop zone and find a free space to lay down our chairs and umbrellas? Thank you!

    • FL Air Show says:

      We still have tickets and concessions will be available in the Drop Zone area. The Drop Zone opens at 9am and we suggest you arrive as early as possible.

  5. Orlando Events says:

    We have gone to previously to the shows and they are absolutely amazing , Already got my tics to this year drop zone and am looking forward. Sooo pumped

  6. Nicole says:

    Are canopy or beach tents allowed or only umbrellas in the drop zone area? Is there a restriction for the size of the canopy or shaded tent that can be set up? We have a fairly large sized family- 2 adults, 2 preteens, 2 5yr and under.

  7. Maria says:

    If tickets are purchased for this area, is there a pathway to access the water? Can we even enter the water in this particular zone?

  8. Norman says:

    DO you have performer scheduled for each day of the air show ? I can’t make it on Saturday, but will be able to on Sunday. But I need to know who is performing Sunday. Thanks

  9. kim says:

    Last year we paid for the drop zone tickets and people who paid nothing just walked up and sat right in front of us on the beach. felt like I wasted my money. we also asked for our program and no one knew where they were. hopefully it will be better organized this year. so if I don’t pay for a ticket I can just walk down the beach and sit wherever I want is this correct??

    • FL Air Show says:

      We had a last minute issue last year with the water line and we are sorry you experienced that. The issue will be resolved for the 2017 show. Thanks for your support!

  10. Roz says:

    Hi. We are booked for the drop zone and wondered if it was possible to hire chairs and an umbrella locally for the show
    as I understand they are not available to hire at the drop zone.

  11. Franz says:

    Is it possible to buy Tickets from Germany ( Any issues with the postal adress ? ), Looking forward so see the Show during our vacation. Thanks for a Short Info in Advance.

  12. Angelo says:

    (1) Where exactly is the Drop Zone, say with respect to Sunrise Blvd.? , and,
    (2) How big is the area? ie. how many spectators? Capacity?
    (3) I, with my three sons, and three grandsons, will be bringing picnic lunches, etc.,
    is that OK?

    • FL Air Show says:

      The Drop Zone is located just North of Sunrise Blvd in front of Birch State Park and is a limited capacity viewing area. Feel free to bring a cooler with you for your lunches, the only restriction of what is not allowed in your cooler is alcohol.

  13. Mike S says:

    2 questions.

    1. We have 2 daughters who will be under 6 at the time of the show, will they need a ticket to enter the drop zone with us?

    2. Will you be bringing back the photo pit passes as you did last year?

    Thank you and look forward to another great show

    • FL Air Show says:

      There are not any bleachers. We encourage that all spectators in the Drop Zone bring beach chairs or blankets.

  14. Edward says:

    Are there going to be large size ( for say 3 to 4 people) beach umbrellas available to rent and how much to rent one or two? If not, are you allowed to bring your own?

  15. Sash says:

    Right? Whoever has this job deserves a free lunch or at least a gold star. All of the questions are the same and have been answered with sincerity and professionalism.

  16. Mike says:

    Please tell me the show will be back again next year! Also, if you can help it, can we not have it fall on Mother’s Day weekend next year? Thanks and soooo glad the show is back!

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