2020 will be Rescheduled in the Fall

The Fort Lauderdale Air Show will be rescheduled for this fall. This is due to the recommendation issued on Monday by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) that all events scheduled in the next 8 weeks be cancelled or postponed if they will have over 50 people in attendance. Fort Lauderdale Air Show officials are… View Article

Pelican Grand VIP Penthouse

Touch the sky 10 floors up in the Pelican Grand VIP Penthouse! Be one of the few to watch the jets roar by at eye level from the rooftop balcony directly on the oceanfront with a panoramic view of the airspace! Enjoy upscale catered cuisine, an open bar in the luxury ballroom and valet parking… View Article

Flight Line Club VIP

The Flight Line Club is the ultimate spot on the beach to experience the Fort Lauderdale Air Show. Join the experienced Air Show spectators and step away from the hundreds of thousands of people on the beach to enjoy this VIP experience on the beach at the aerial 50 yard line at Air Show Center…. View Article

Drop Zone Beach

Experienced spectators get away from the crowd and enjoy the Fort Lauderdale Air Show from the Drop Zone Beach. Join them in the full experience of sight and sound in the prime beach viewing spot. Hear all the details of what you’re seeing with professional narration and music plus amenities like on-site restrooms and  … View Article