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Team Red Bull to bring the extreme to Fort Lauderdale Again!

When the 2021 Fort Lauderdale Air Show takes flight over Fort Lauderdale Beach on May 8-9, it will feature a trio of the most extreme and unique aerial performers in the world.  The Red Bull Helicopter, Red Bull Air Force and two-time Red Bull Air Race champion Kirby Chambliss will perform a together in a dramatic display of extreme flight in a dramatic display of aerobatics that will defy imagination!

The Red Bull Air Force is a team of accomplished and experienced aviation experts who specialize in highly coordinated aerial jumps and aerobatic demonstrations in the Red Bull Bo-105 Helicopter and Edge 540. Assembled from the most skilled skydivers, BASE jumpers, wingsuit fliers and paraglider pilots on the planet, the Red Bull Air Force has collected gold medals in nearly every discipline with numerous world records to their credit and combine for over 150,000 skydives, 10,000 BASE jumps and a maximum free-flying speed of 340mph.

Red Bull athletes will perform a series of perfectly synchronized skydives and wingsuit formations including one low-pull skydive from the Bo-105 piloted by Red Bull athlete Aaron Fitzgerald. Two additional skydivers will fly from the Bo-105 in tandem and swoop to the ground while the fourth and final athlete wingsuits and is met by two-time Red Bull Air Race champion Kirby Chambliss in the Edge 540 as he awakens the sky with sound and speed as he loops around the wingsuit flier.  Chambliss is joined by Fitzgerald in the Red Bull Helicopter to round out the performance for a final set of dramatic aerobatic stunts.

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