Host Hotels

The best place to stay during air show weekend is where the performers stay, at one of our host hotels! It’s your best chance to meet some of the pilots, get an autograph or even snap a selfie.  The Fort Lauderdale Air Show sponsored by the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention and Visitors Bureau is proud to partner with the hotels listed below to host the flight team performing at this year’s event.  Turn air show weekend into a fabulous vacation or staycation experience during the Fort Lauderdale Air Show and enjoy special rates for air show weekend.



0.7 miles from Show Center!




1.3 miles from Show Center!

5 miles to show center!


1.0 miles from Show Center!



1.6 miles from Show Center!



2.7 miles from Show Center!


1.1 miles from Show Center!


2.3 miles from Show Center!


    • FL Air Show says:

      The area across from the Sonesta is the Drop Zone Beach. There are no reservations for hotel guests without a ticket.

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