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The best place to stay during air show weekend is where the performers stay, at one of our host hotels! It’s your best chance to meet some of the pilots, get an autograph or even snap a selfie.  The Fort Lauderdale Air Show sponsored by the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention and Visitors Bureau is proud to partner with the hotels listed below to host the flight team performing at this year’s event.  Turn air show weekend into a fabulous vacation or staycation experience during the Fort Lauderdale Air Show and enjoy special rates for air show weekend.



0.7 miles from Show Center!




1.3 miles from Show Center!

5 miles to show center!


1.0 miles from Show Center!



1.6 miles from Show Center!



2.7 miles from Show Center!


1.1 miles from Show Center!


2.3 miles from Show Center!


  1. Mari says:

    We have a wedding at the Conrad Hotel the evening of May 4th. How do we get to the hotel if the roads are closed?

    • FL Air Show says:

      A1A will be closed off from Sunrise north to about 22nd Street during the hours of the show (approximately 9 am to 5 pm). The Conrad Hotel is south of Sunrise, so guests can come across on 842 and go north on A1A to get to the hotel. Please recommend that your guests give themselves some extra time to arrive, as there will be significant traffic in the area in the afternoon, but the evening should be much lighter.

  2. Elaine Hoffman says:

    I am staying at the Pelican Grand Beach Resort on may 5th 2019. If the road is closed how do I get to the hotel?

    • FL Air Show says:

      Hi Wendolyn, so there’s no special pricing for handicap guests, as we have spots designated in both the general parking (over at the Galleria Mall) and included with our VIP ticket package (at the State Park). If you are a VIP guest, parking is included and we have golf carts that take you down to the entrance for the VIP tent. Please note that the areas are on the beach, so plan accordingly.

  3. Cathy Rausch says:

    we are looking into an airband b – can you please tell me what part of the beach or where so we can get the best place .Thanks so much.

    • FL Air Show says:

      Hey Cathy, the Air Show Center is along the beach north of Sunrise Blvd and south of 18th Street, basically across from Birch State Park.

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