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Ghost Squadron Joins the Show!

🚀 Ghost Squadron

As Ghost Squadron takes to the skies, their fleet of jets becomes a pivotal training ground for astronauts. Beyond the breathtaking aerobatics, these high-performance jets offer astronauts from Polaris Program missions and other spaceflight initiatives the unique opportunity to refine their crew resource management and navigation skills. In a high-G, dynamic, and high-consequence environment, training in jets provides invaluable real-world experience, preparing astronauts for the challenges of space exploration.

🌐 Polaris Dawn Mission

Launching from historic Launch Complex 39A at Kennedy Space Center in Florida, the Polaris Dawn mission, slated for early 2024, marks a paradigm shift in space exploration. Dragon and the Polaris Dawn crew will spend up to five days in orbit, pushing the boundaries with the following objectives:

🌌 HIGH ALTITUDE Soaring higher than any Dragon mission before, Polaris Dawn will explore the far reaches of Earth’s orbit, navigating through the Van Allen radiation belt. This mission aims to unravel the mysteries of spaceflight and space radiation’s impact on human health, paving the way for safer and more informed future endeavors.

🚀 FIRST COMMERCIAL SPACEWALK At an altitude of approximately 700 kilometers, the crew will pioneer the first-ever commercial extravehicular activity (EVA) with cutting-edge SpaceX-designed spacesuits. This marks a crucial step toward developing scalable spacesuit designs for future lunar and Martian missions, ensuring the safety of astronauts on extended space journeys.

🔬 HEALTH IMPACT RESEARCH Polaris Dawn’s orbit becomes a scientific laboratory, conducting research that transcends the boundaries of Earth. From monitoring venous gas emboli to gathering data on the radiation environment, the crew contributes to studies on decompression sickness, human biology’s response to space radiation, and the creation of a Biobank for future research. Collaboration with leading institutions amplifies the impact of this research.

🌐 IN-SPACE COMMUNICATIONS Breaking new ground, the Polaris Dawn crew becomes the first to test Starlink laser-based communications in space. This pioneering endeavor not only enhances our understanding of in-space communications but also lays the groundwork for future missions to the Moon, Mars, and beyond.

🧑🏻‍🚀 Polaris Dawn Crew

Jared Isaacman

Scott Poteet

Sarah Gillis

Anna Menon

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