Viewing from a Boat


The U.S. Coast Guard has established a Safety Zone for the Fort Lauderdale Air Show flown from Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport in accordance with FAA regulations and in consultation with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and Army Corps of Engineers. The safety zone is established to both keep non-essential personnel clear of the aerobatic box and to keep boat anchors from damaging the coral reefs offshore.


Viewing of the Fort Lauderdale Air Show is permitted in the area on the eastern perimeter of the United States Coast Guard Safety Zone.  The eastern perimeter extends for four miles parallel with the flight path of the performing aircraft and is approximately one mile away from the air show centerline. U.S. Coast Guard, Broward County Sheriff and Fort Lauderdale Police will be patrolling the perimeter of the Coast Guard Safety Zone and will strictly enforce the perimeter of the Coast Guard Safety Zone.


The interactive Google Map above provides detailed information and GPS coordinates on the location of the four corners of the Coast Guard Safety Zone. You can click on the icons and corner marker points to display more information about them. Click on the upper right icon to bring the map full screen.

  1. Michele Renick says:

    I must say that the organizers and social media pertaining to the show are spectacular! We are so proud to have the Air & Sea Show on Ft. Lauderdale beach. Thank you organizers, military, flight teams, vendors and sponsors. May it be a safe & successful weekend!

    • FL Air Show says:

      Thank you, Michele! We really do try our best. We know it’s impossible to please all the people, but we try our hardest to please the majority and make sure you all have the best, most up-to-date information. Thanks for the compliment; it makes our service team’s day!

  2. Wes Hitchcock says:

    Thanks for all the updates, videos, etc. Some of the negative comments are a shame. You do a good job putting on this event and keeping folks updated. People are so needy these days lol. No reply needed!

  3. Joe says:

    What is the amount charged for parking at the Galleria Mall parking lot? Will there be shuttle buses to the beach from Galleria mall?

    • FL Air Show says:

      Boats can view the show from the intercoastal waterway typically, but you will need to stay in the areas designated by the coast guards and obey all typical waterway laws. Most parts of the Intercoastal that are near to Sunrise Boulevard can see the show. We cannot guarantee being able to hear, because it depends on where you are at.

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